We're a family run business serving homemade BBQ Food to LBI, Manahawkin, and the surrounding area.

Dorri and Joe
Homemade Food

Cooked with Love

Our passion for barbeque started in childhood. Joe's Dad's idea of BBQ was an old hibachi grill balanced on a cinder block in the backyard of our forked River home. The flames were usually fairly large and the meat, well it needed to be scrapped to get the "blackening" off! Everything was considered by my Dad to be Cajun or blackened!

Dorri shares a love of cooking and creating, and she puts more love into her family's recipes than you could ever know. Some of the dishes she prepares are generations old but never get old.

All our smokers are custom built by Joe and his friends, welders by trade, builders, and pitmasters at heart. Our main smoker took one year to perfect and build. We use stick burners using nothing but wood for an authentic bbq taste, choosing specific wood for certain meats. Some smokes take 15 hours. We cook in the rain and feet of snow!

Our family is overjoyed to be able to all work together to feed and support our community. We are looking forward to providing high-quality, yummy eats. Food that is cooked with love and served with a friendly face.

Dorri and Joe

Located in Manahawkin, NJ